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Impropriety (dark)
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Improper And Proud
Full Name: Severus Snape Age: 38 Birthday: January 9th, 1960… 
18th-Feb-2006 03:55 pm
sev look away
Full Name: Severus Snape
Age: 38
Birthday: January 9th, 1960
Bloodline: Half
Family: Son of Eileen Prince(deceased) and Tobias Snape(deceased), father of Elijah Woodward and Morgan Tala Lupin-Snape, kind of sort of engaged to Remus Lupin
Place of Residence: A rowhouse on Spinner’s End in a dreary rundown northern England town
Appearance: sallow skin, longish black hair, black eyes, hook nose, dark mark on forearm, actually rather nicely defined chest and stomach
Hobbies/Interests: potions, reading, sitting in front of his fire, sex, scaring innocent students(especially if they’re Hufflepuffs)
Strengths: intelligence, strength, potions, dedication, loyalty, occlumens
Weaknesses: inability to express romantic love without it leading to some sort of sexual activity, commitment-phobic, kind of a bitch, attached too easily, his daughter, his lover
Wand: Alder and dragon heartstring, 12.5 inches

Severus was born on a very cold, snowy day in northern Shropshire to Eileen and Tobias Snape, and very soon afterwards Tobias found out his wife was a witch. This brought out an anger in Tobias, and he beat his wife and later his son quite often. His mother homeschooled him while his father was out doing whatever he was doing, which was usually going to bar after bar after work. Severus loved to read while he hid in his room, and he learned as much as he could through his mother’s books, many of which were on dark magic. He knew quite a few dark curses when he got to school at eleven years of age, and was quickly sorted into Slytherin without a second thought from the sorting hat. He was a somewhat early bloomer, and by the beginning of second year had had a few lovers, all of which were older Slytherins. He used sex as a means of getting away from the pain inflicted by his father and by his Gryffindor enemies, led by that prat James Potter. There had never been a time when he didn’t know that he liked boys as well as girls, though of course he kept that fact well hidden from his mother and especially from his father. His orientation, however, was not a secret to everyone at school, and eventually he worked his way through almost every girl and boy in school except for a select few. In fourth year, however, he very much noticed one of those people, and developed a depressingly unrequited crush on that boy, Remus Lupin. It was one of the few crushes he had that extended beyond Hogwarts and throughout his life. His Slytherin friends were of course influential, and he joined the forces of the dark lord Voldemort before he had even left school. At 19 years old, he began an affair with Lucius Malfoy. At the relatively young age of 20 Voldemort ordered him to take Albus Dumbledore up on his offer of Potions master at Hogwarts, and while waiting for his interview he overheard the prophecy given by Sybill Trelawny. He ran to his master to tell him what he had heard. He was feeling pretty good about his secured future within the ranks of the dark lord; that is, until Voldy killed James and Lily Potter, and was defeated by young Harry. James’ death didn’t bother him so much, nor did the defeat of Voldy by Harry. It was the death of Lily, one of the few people at school who had ever been kind to him without having slept with him first, that truly shook him. Shaking, he went to Dumbledore and confessed everything, from the moment he joined the death eaters to the moment he realized what happened. Dumbledore saw the truth in his words, and offered him a position in the Order, which he accepted quietly. The Order needed a spy, and they found one in the young potions master. His affair with Lucius continued, even though Lucius was now married and had a small child. Neither of them cared. Severus was in love with Lucius, and though he desperately wanted Lucius to love him back, he knew he didn’t. But he had him, and he knew that he wanted him more than his wife, and it was enough at the time for him. That is, until November of 1986, when Severus was impregnated by Lucius. Lucius, of course, was furious, and beat him in anger. As little as he could help it, though, Severus still loved him after that, and the thought that Lucius hated their child was so horrid to him that he could barely look at Elijah when he was born. The boy went to a good family, with a sweet mother who sent him updates whether he wanted them or not. Severus went on with his life, shagging colleagues and students and sometimes still Lucius, trying to get himself away from the pain of loving the man who had hurt him so but not being able to resist him. In the last few years, though, he had desperately tried to tone his sexual appetite down, shagging only a few people. He knew what Draco thought of him. He knew what the rest of the school thought of him. And while he pretended he didn’t care, there were times when he wanted nothing more than to shout to the entire world that he was not this person, this evil Beelzebub that would kill you as soon as he laid eyes on you. But he knew noone would believe him. So he was resigned to being who they thought he was.

Severus has been lightening up a great deal lately. When Dumbledore assigned him to keep an eye on the student’s newest fad, these computers, he was rather pissed off, because these computers cut into his time. But over time, he began to grow rather attached to the small community of students, and he learned that Harry Potter, the boy he tried desperately to despise because of his father, was pregnant with a child. He grew to bond with him, and the boy somehow began to look up to him as a mentor, something rather foreign to Severus, as they hadn’t slept together. A week or so before Christmas Remus Lupin came back to teach at Hogwarts, and after a night of heated passion in Remus’ bed they promptly fell in love with each other. It was a different love than that with Lucius, a deeper love, a returned love, and it wasn’t long at all before Severus was pregnant again with Remus’ child. As Severus had never been in an actual relationship before, he’s hard pressed to know how to express love without it leading to sex, but he’s trying to work on that, for Remus. His daughter was born on February 13th, and with her birth came the deepest and most intense happiness that Severus had ever experienced. This happiness will get greater, since Lavender Brown has decided to force Severus, who has commitment issues, and Remus, who does as well, to get married, not that either of them know about it. But oh well. That’s life.

-Severus actually has a marvelous singing voice, he just doesn’t know, as he’s never sung in front of anyone before.
-He has a massive thing for classic literature, such as Beowulf, Chaucer, Shakespeare, and everything else they teach in senior English ;)
-He loved his mother. He did not love his father.
-he wants to be able to talk more about Lucius to and be there for Draco, but he’s insecure about whether the boy has any interest in talking to him.
-He’s extremely insecure about his own attractiveness, except that he knows he’s got a fairly good body.
-He has a large scar on his right side from when Lucius found out about Elijah.
-He has a rather soft spot for babies, but knows absolutely nothing about them.
-Hufflepuffs annoy him.
-He’s 300 percent in love with Remus Lupin, but he’s terrified that he’ll mess it up somehow.
-He's secretly terrified of rejection, if it's someone who's worth it.
-He has a very personal vendetta against button up shirts
-he DOES shower. He uses a rather nice green apple shampoo. He can't help it that his job involves being in a fume filled potions classroom for most of his bloody life. You try being clean and sparkly after that.
-he’s still not completely over Lucius.
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